04-01-2017 - LGCE Quics is now a Cisco Select partner. Read further...
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21-03-2015 - Video 864F Multi Ribbon cable Read further...
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LGCE and Quics are now officially : LGCE Quics.

Read all about it, in the news items.


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Welcome to the LGCE website!

As you can probably guess when you look at our name we are focusing on the supply of cables in Europe. Although LGCE is capable of supplying a large variety of different cable types, the focus is on the distribution of fibre optic cables, energy cables and the matching accessories.

LGCE has been founded in 1999 and has focused on providing backbone fibre optic cables to the large (PAN) European telecom operators from scratch. Up to today the supply of fibre optic backbone cable is an important part of our business, but of course in the last years some things have changed. Detailed distribution networks, direct deliveries from our central warehouse, the introduction of new products and solutions and the possibility to offer turnkey solutions are the answer to the challenges we are facing.

In a world that changes rapidly (partly because of the use of fibre optic cable) there will always be a demand for a constant high quality, a competitive price and in time delivery of materials or projects. These are the parameters that make us confident for the coming 10 years.

We hope to be able to successfully support you with your projects in the future!

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