LGCE Supplies Fiber Optics for DPG Media's new Dutch headquarters in Amsterdam!

LGCE has supplied the complete data and fiber optic network for the new building of Mediavaert, DPG Media's new Dutch headquarters in Amsterdam!


LGCE Supplies Fiber Optics for DPG Media's new Dutch headquarters in Amsterdam!

LGCE has supplied the complete data and fiber optic network for the new building of Mediavaert, DPG Media's new Dutch headquarters in Amsterdam!


Fiber to the Home Solutions

Through her years of experience as a supplier / producer of fiber optic cable and FttH systems LGCE can offer you products according to the latest state of the art and at the most efficient house connection price. LGCE supplies its cable to several leading European customers who each have their own specifications and processes. LGCE continually strives to adapt to these processes as much as possible. This makes LGCE a very flexible company which s always available to you.

LGCE has continuous contacts with engineering companies, contractors and end-users from the projects. The resulting experiences make LGCE a very flexible organization with a good understanding of the preparation and execution of projects.

LGCE has been able to count many reputable operators and providers to its customers since 2009. Examples include the well-known Dutch FttH pioneers Reggefiber and CIF, the Municipality of Rotterdam and Dutch KPN. In total, this involves more than 120,000 homes. For these projects we supplied all products, varying from pre-assembled PoP housings to cable markers.

Also, LGCE works together with several contractors for the FttH projects of Deutsche Glasfaser in Germany. In these projects LGCE not only handles the logistics, but also supports inventory management, provides training and technical advice. An important component is the product development with the aim of reducing the installation and management costs.

We can also carry out these activities for your project!

Thick Wall Duct

The TWD (Thick walled duct) is composed of thick and strong microtubes, and this provides strong protection against soil pressure while the thin outer sheath helps fast and easy operation at installation site. Variety of TWD line-up enables a cost-effective construction of optical infrastructure.

Flat Duct

For micro-trenching with the narrow width, FLAT DUCT is the most optimized micro duct. The product itself can be placed vertically to fit in micro-trenching. The size of the product is relatively small which allows better shipping and handling with the smaller reel size.

Link Duct

LINK DUCT is a lucrative solution for distribution points. Easy tear down characteristics of the tubes make that branch off work in distribution points can be done without cutting the primary tube and use of connectors. Thus, the installer can save time and additional material cost as they can connect each connection point without a mid-span or branch connection.

Direct Burial

The DB (Direct burial) has microtubes inside two strong layered sheaths. Its flexible microtubes and round shape make this type a good choice for jointing and branching with existing conventional networks.

Direct Install

Our best solution product for installation inside existing duct or subducts. The DI (Direct Install) is designed with a simple and lightweight structure that enables fast and costeffective network installation by pulling it inside existing ducts. It increases availability of cabling infrastructure by dividing the duct into many smaller tubes suitable for minicables.

Aerial Duct

The Aerial micro duct is created for such environment where no underground installation is possible. Non-metallic strength members are recommended to avoid damages caused by electrical surge or lighting.


A special polymer that has flame retardant and low smoke emissive function is used for fabricating LSZH (Low smoke zero halogen). The UL listed riser products (UL 2024) are also available.

Underground Optical Cables

Large capacity optical cable (ribbon or loose tube cable, 144F/288F/432F or higher) for backhaul and backbone connections.

There are two types of underground optical cables. The first is duct line optical cables, where routing and operation take place in the installed duct. The second type is direct burial optical cable, which are buried directly into the ground.

Duct optical cables have a general, loose tube structure as mechanical and environmental properties are met by the duct pipes, therefore not requiring any additional armour. Direct burial optical cables are directly exposed to various external environments; therefore, take the structure of loose tubes with special armouring.

Optical Drop Cables

Drop optical cables lead into the subscriber’s home in the last section of the FTTH (Fiber to the Home) network. These cables are suitable for processing and duct installation.

Air Blown cables

An optical cable and fiber unit product category for routing into micro-ducts through pneumatic routing technology.

Street Cabinets and Distribution Points

LGCE offers different solutions for underground and above ground applications.

Street level
The LGCE street cabinet consist of a lockable stainless-steel housing and a fiber-optic distributor that is suitable for installation of both microducts as direct burial cables. The distributor is mounted on a wooden mounting plate. The internal fiber-optic distributor allows you to use standard gas block connectors. The cabinet provides space for a minimum of 2.5 meters overlength of microtubes and cable and has a maximum capacity of 96 houses (single fiber deployment).

Based on the application, soil conditions and installation depth LGCE can offer you different underground distribution points from our partner Attema .

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