LGCE Supplies Fiber Optics for DPG Media's new Dutch headquarters in Amsterdam!

LGCE has supplied the complete data and fiber optic network for the new building of Mediavaert, DPG Media's new Dutch headquarters in Amsterdam!


LGCE Supplies Fiber Optics for DPG Media's new Dutch headquarters in Amsterdam!

LGCE has supplied the complete data and fiber optic network for the new building of Mediavaert, DPG Media's new Dutch headquarters in Amsterdam!


Structured Cabling Solutions

For 14 years LGCE supplies a complete portfolio of certifiable premises network components. LGCE has proven to be a solid consultant and project partner in the area of data network solutions, representing Hes Cabling Systems (HCS).

HCS is a manufacturer of state-of-the-art structured cabling systems, established by Wilkins Kennedy, a know-how based investor company in Kent (UK).

In the BeNeLux area alone, over 200 appealing premises network projects have been certified by LGCE in cooperation with her certified HCS installers. LGCE trains all certified HCS installers for copper and fiber with regards to installation and testing procedures. All certified projects meet or even exceed the international recognised industrial standards like the ISO/IEC 11801, CENELEC EN 50173 and EN 50228, TIA/EIA-568 B/C.

Copper Cabling Solutions

LGCE supplies copper cabling solutions from Category Cat5e (100MHz bandwidth) up to Cat8 designed for 2GHz bandwidth.

Depending on the involved Category, LGCE is able to supply and certify various versions of unshielded and shielded solutions.

Just some of the type of cable and connecting solutions we supply:

  • U/UTP Cables
  • U/FTP Cables
  • S/FTP Cables
  • UTP Keystones
  • STP Keystones
  • Patch panels Multi pair
  • 19” Patch panels Copper Straight Patch Panels
  • 19” Patch panels blank keystone-Jack

Fiber Optic Solutions

The fiber optic solutions are available is all sorts of standardised fiber- and connector types. From Multimode OM2, OM3 and OM4 to Singlemode G652d and G657A1 fiber types. Depending on the application indoor and outdoor Breakout cable, Distribution cable and Multi Loose Tube cable are available in all common applied CPR classifications.

Types of Fibre optic cable:

  • Breakout Fiber optic Cable
  • Distribution Fiber optic Cable
  • Multi Loose Tube Fiber optic Cable

The fiber optic solutions are available with all standardised connector and coupler versions. Also different types of fiber optic distribution boxes and high capacity rack-mount cabinets are available. Depending  on the application pre-terminated links can be supplied. Within modern projects pre-terminated fiber link are frequently applied with positive experience from both the installer as well as the end-user. In case 40GBASE or faster protocols are required with the building back-bone structure, the MTP/MPO pre-terminated solution is recommended. The fiber optic specialists from LGCE are available to advise the proper and most suitable solution for you.

Data center copper & Fiber Solutions:
Within the Data center applications LGCE notices that the trend towards short time-to-built, first-time-right installations, pre-termination models, multi-redundant solutions and low-energy consuming green data centers is growing into a standard way of building data centers. For future data centers the high density MTP/MPO solutions OM4/OM5 and high density Cat8 copper solutions are foreseen. As an flexible an innovation driven company, LGCE continuously adjust her portfolio to the latest developments based upon proven technology.

At the moment bundled Cat6A RJ45 plug & play pre-terminated cassettes are applied for fast and easy installation within data centers. The HCS Datalink 500A cable assemblies are bundled with special halogen-free and flame retardant semi-loose sleeves providing easy to bent bundles, ideal for tight places and high density locations. These bundles are marked on both sides with numbered labels for fast and easy identification. The cassettes are in full compliance with the relevant TIA-942 and EN 50173-5 standards.

Racks and Cabinets

LGCE supplies a complete range of free standing and wall-mountable cabinets. The HCS Dataline series include a wide range of high quality racks, cabinets and enclosures, specially designed for premise cabling in local area networks. The portfolio includes splice boxes, climate control, power supplies, fan units, light solutions, sliding shelves and many more components for both fiber and copper cabling solutions.

All specifications are most suitable for the application and exceeding common used requirement. For example the standard Dataline 10 Free Standing cabinet (for office environments and MER/SER applications) is specified with a loading capacity of 1000 kg according to EN 61587-1, as most suppliers would settle for only 750 kg loading capacity.

The cabinets are designed for sophisticated cable channelling, several adjustable cable bundle entrees are available. Our portfolio allows you to receive pre-terminated cabinets directly at your project location.

In case your project requires a project specific cabinet, our specialist will guide you to a labour-friendly and solid cabinet solution for your project.

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